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"It was a pleasure working with you.  It was a really productive day and the speed and efficiency 

with which you work is fantastic.  ...your background in documentary is perfect for this improvisatory style of performance. The smooth transitions between the shots means the artists don't get bored or tired and for me it's such a joy to be able to capture the moment and grab the comedy without any fuss or laborious set ups. ...We got some excellent material and the actors were very enthusiastic about the whole process and love the project. "

Kim Fuller. Writer / Producer. Brackmount Films. 

"Thank you for your incredible help and professionalism in filming. Your DOP skills are invaluable and have made all the difference to the shoot." 

David Gilbert. Director. BBC Comedy Pilot.


"You are one of our top cameramen."

Kelly Hood, Production Manager.  Wag TV


"Thank you so much for working so unbelievably hard and for keeping up the creative presure at every step. It was really tough to keep going but you did so excellently and I just wanted to say thank you so much."

Mike Matthews,  Director.  "Barefoot Contessa Special, Paris." Pacific TV


"It was great working with you. You made it easy and the footage looks amazing."

Tiffany Trigg, Producer / Director.  "Find my First Love, Norway." Nerd TV


"Thanks again for your work on this. I really loved working with you and loved the footage. The footage we got in Brighton is some of my favourite from any project I worked on all year."

Merete Mueller, Director.  "The Karen Project"

"Thank you for your contribution to the fabulous Baker Brothers Series. Everyone loves the Monmouth looks beautiful."

Stephen Leigh, Series Producer. "Baker Brothers - A Taste of Britain." Betty TV.

"You are a filming machine!"

Ed China, Presenter. "Wheeler Dealers." Attaboy TV

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